Nurses are in very high demand so much so that the United States government had to put in place immigration programs to attract nurses from other countries.

A career in nursing is one of the most secure careers out there. Nurses will always needed in good or bad economic times. There will always be someone who needs caring for. But the nursing career is not for everyone. You must love to take care of people, not flinch at the sight of blood and have a genuine love for the job to succeed in this profession.

If you are looking for a career that will always have jobs for you, and can be very rewarding both financially and on a personal level, then you have made the correct decision to study nursing at college.

But as with any college degree, it can be an expensive journey to take. Fortunately nursing has plenty of financial aid sources including nursing grants. Because of the shortage of nurses, the government and private organizations offer grants to assist needy and low income nursing students to achieve their college education goals.

Federal and State Government Nursing Grants

The federal and state governments have made available grants for nursing student. The United States Department of Health and Human Services provides grants that are awarded to students who want to study nursing.

There is a scholarship grant scheme that seeks to provide grants for nursing students seen to be financially disadvantaged.

This award is not just for nursing but is also available to most health related professions such as veterinary dental and medical school. You should consult with your local health authorities and your school’s financial aid office for the availability of such programs.

The Federal Nursing Scholarship Program

The United States federal government has established the Nursing Scholarship Program. This is a grant program that aims to provide college grants for some 200 students to study nursing in return for committing to work at least two years at designated institutions around the country.

This grant is one of the best to receive as it fully covers your tuition and other college expenses. You will also receive stipends to cover your living expenses. You must be currently attending an accredited institution and a full time undergraduate student to qualify for the Nursing Scholarship Program.

The Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is a need based grant administered by the FAFSA. It is awarded to students who are able to demonstrate financial need. Rea out Pell Grants section for more information about this grant.

There may also be grants available from your state government awarded to students interested in studying nursing. The American Nurses Association recently stated that they were looking for legislation to push state governments to deal with the shortfall of health professional.

A lot of states have put in place grants awarded to nursing students. The state of North Carolina awards some 300 merit based grants to nursing students studying in an accredited state institution through the Nurse Scholars Program.

Most other states also have similar awards. You should contact your state health authorities or your schools financial aid office for any state grants programs.

Nursing students helped with grantsMinority Student Grants

As a minority, you may be qualified for special grants given only to your category. There are grants for Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians and several other minority groups.

There are several organizations and associations representing minority groups. A lot of these will have some sort of grants for members of such groups. Some research online will reveal these groups and help you locate funding for your nursing degree.

Grants from Nursing Associations and Organizations

We have several nursing associations and organizations across this country. They provide sources of funding for nurses who want to carry out research and also for students in their specialty.

For example, the Florida Nurses Association have several financial aid for nurses and nursing students in the state of Florida. You should also contact your local nursing associations for available funding.

Institution Based Nursing Grants

Some colleges will have their own grants programs for nursing students. Majority of these grants will be awarded based on merit but you may also be able to find need based awards.

Finding these grants is a matter of being flexible about where you will like to study. You should research and consider different colleges to select the one with the right nursing program and financial aid package for you.

Tips to Successfully Apply for a Nursing Grant

  • You should explore as many grants as you possibly can. Start the process early so you will have enough time to research all available grants to you and be able to put together a well written application. The more grants you apply to, the better your chances of getting approved for some.
  • When putting together your application. you should be very specific and clear about why you want to become a nurse. This will help the awarding body to decide whether you will be a deserving recipient of the award.
  • The nursing profession is one of the noble professions and grant administrators want to give the awards to those they believe have a love for the profession. You need to tell them in your application what your plans for the future are.
  • Be sure to thoroughly read through the requirements of the grant and fully provide any documentations you are asked for.
  • Meet submission deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute to put together your application. You will end up putting together a mediocre application or the grants quota might be reached before your application arrives.  Some awards bodies will consider applications as they come in so prepare and submit yours early.
  • Put together a very professional looking application. Organize your documents so they can be easily read. If a photograph is required, take a new one and appear very presentable in them. Appearances can still make an impression. Use an envelop that will not require you to fold your documents.

You want to give the grants administration the impression of a well organized professional minded person.

Put in the work to find all the nursing grants you can find and apply to all of them. It can take a lot of hard work and time to find grants for nursing programs but when you have the prospect of graduating without incurring any student loan debts, the time and effort you put into it will be worth it in the end.